1) Straighten Up And Banish The Clutter

  • Pick up any scattered clothes, toys, objects, or items in the home.
  • Leave your floor space open so that the cleaners have room to maneuver.
  • This will leave time for the cleaners to complete the entire home.
  • We want to have the opportunity to clean every nook, cranny, crevice, and corner.

2) Special Instructions

  • Let us know what to expect. What is the condition of the home?
  • Let us know if you have any specific wants, or needs.
  • Let us know if you have any priorities. Is there a room or area that should be cleaned first?
  • Let us know if you have pets, and if there are special instructions for them.
  • Let us know if there a room or area that you would like left alone?
  • Let us know if there is a room or area that you would like cleaned thoroughly?
  • Let us know if you need a deep cleaning?
  • Let us know if we are cleaning a vacation rental?
  • Let us know if this is a one time cleaning (move in/move out)

3) Cleaning Products

  • Cleaning supplies and products are included, but yours may be used.
  • Customers sometimes prefer to use their own cleaning supplies if they are allergic to animals.
  • Customers sometimes prefer a particular product, or want a solution with less odor.
  • Leave the desired supplies and product in view, preferably near the front door. This will allow the cleaners to see the cleaning supplies/product as soon as they walk in.

4) Entering The Home

  • The majority of our customers are present during the cleaning, and do not not have to worry about the cleaners gaining entrance.
  • Some customers are unable to be home during the cleaning. Many place a key under the mat, or leave a backdoor unlocked.
  • Let us know if you have special instructions for entering the home.

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